Ignorance. Pure bliss ignorance. 


When one is introduced to a series of facts, generally, they will adjust their viewpoint based on these matters. Such as being informed that the Sun does Not revolve around the Earth… sure it took a little while, but hey here we are. 


If I introduce you to a series of studies, then sum up those studies for you. I’m informing you that you are incorrect, hell I told you this before hand. Yes it’s dick, yes it makes me an asshole… but I’m proud of that, I like to be around informed well-mannered people. If I do this, don’t try to pass the conversation away and attack me. 

Seriously? Fuck you.

Your shameless attack and then back track of defense does not change the fact that you are wrong. It just makes you weak. 


When the turtle speaks, I listen.

It’s interesting, truth be told, the way the political climate of this country has changed. Just a year ago…. Republicans were refusing a 10 to 1 tax deal. Every 10 dollars in cuts would be 1 dollar in taxes. And yet, today, Mitch McConnell says they are willing to do a 1 to 1 deal. This is unprecedented of the Republican party that has risen since 1980. They refuse to raise taxes (read, acknowledge when they raise taxes), and are all about tax cuts. This idea of cutting the income to reduce the deficit is silly. No amount of cuts can ever make up for a 6 trillion dollar deficit (ill explain this another time). No amount of spending reduction will kill the deficit (unless you dismantle the entire country…). You need an income that has a profit margin. That profit margin needs to be used to pay off the deficit and the rest needs to go towards policies and spending already in place.
But. No. That doesn’t matter. What matters is tax cuts grr no raising of taxes… I’ve run out of things to say. Resorting to caveman speech. Ugh. Abortions are murder. Being gay is a choice. Ugg Ugg.

That Better Than You, Attitude.

I claim to know everything. Alot (Alot is one word for as long as nevertheless is one word) of things I know, are pure luck… Pockets of information that were stored for some reason I am incapable of describing to you. If I don’t know something, I should be so lucky to be able to learn it at that point. 

It is bothersome to know that you truly are not intelligent though… actually.. no. This is inaccurate. I like to say everyone is smart, it is just to what degree and topic you have your understanding in. It is bothersome to find someone with an entirely different education and intelligence than myself. I feel, inferior and at a loss for words during conversation. I pursue topics such as Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Computers, and Cartoons (a valid subject of understanding). I can not talk to you about Football, Golf, Rugby, Fictional History, Psychological Studies, or Soap Operas. I try to show interest though. But these people are smarter than me in such a different way, it tends to be difficult to follow. 

I was once a studious follower of the History of our Species. Cultural studies were a wonderful thing. trying to figure out the correlation between the Late Romans and Ancient Egyptians in their Hierarchy, or the religious implications of the Greeks on all learned societies. I did not continue to pursue this though, and most of the knowledge was lost to me (like the burning of a library). I can not hold up an in-depth conversation anymore, but, I can understand you if you were to speak to me about this. 

The same applies to other studies throughout my life. And brings us to our final point Jesse. Oh boy third person text. Well you are the only one that reads these so it is completely fine for me to talk to you and give you the truth. 


You pursue many topics of study, History, Sciences, Computers, Audio Engineering…… yet you are incapable of sticking to one thing. You move on to another topic when you reach a point where it is too difficult for you to comfortably follow anymore. You like a challenge, but you don’t like being mentally defeated. This is a major problem in the pursuit of a career and life. Do ou truly want to do computers your whole life and never have a true understanding of Astrophysics or Neurostudies? Of course you want to move on and pursue these. But you may never do it without someone to truly push you. You won’t do it yourself, you’re afraid. You may fail, you don’t want to fail and feel weak. You have enough issues with fighting depression and keeping a smile on your face as is. But to truly be defeated in an educational front? You’d probably kill yourself. You don’t want to though. So you stray away from school. You stop yourself from going to educational facilities and yet you still pursue the knowledge and study the information. Why can’t you just take that passion you have and push it towards the career? Are you afraid of the testing? Having to take courses in things you don’t care to understand? Or are you just afraid to fail.

You know it’s worse to never try, and yet… you don’t apply that to yourself. You are failing without ever even getting off your ass and trying. Someone help. You need it. 


Happy Birthday to a Dead Man.

Sometimes… we say things with good intentions. We say something with the hope that it will help someone, either in correcting a mistake, or putting them on a better path. Other times we say things to rile people up, either by taking an entire group of people and putting them in a negative light, or by denigrating the actions of an entire community. We don’t always intend to hurt others when we are correcting them. We also aren’t expecting to immediately change the perspective of those people.

Last week, in the midst of the Hurricane aftermath, a Radio talk show host called Atheists twisted, hate-filled morons. His opinion was based on the fact that he did not see Atheists on street corners handing out blankets or letting people into their homes because there’s was destroyed in the storm. I immediately showed disdain towards this man and felt the need to call in and give him a piece of my voice (I would give him a piece of my mind… but I’m using it). I didn’t though, there was no need to. The comment was made and then the moment was immediately gone. It still fueled rage in me though. I was unhappy with the immediate generalization and hate spit out. 

There are those in the churches who are non-believers, who stay because they care about those around them. They are not open about their non-belief, because of the damage it could do. And yet, they are still involved in the charities, in the group outings, and Mass of their individual church. They are included, and they are loved. They try to share their love as much as possible, even when they are spoken ill of.. if not entirely directed towards them. 

Charities, such as Doctor’s With Border’s, are out their helping those that need it. No matter their race or background. Healing of the sick does not stop, when the sick are viewed as your enemy. These are people who are willing to risk their lives to go into hostile countries and help others, just because they need help. It doesn’t matter whether they have a religious affiliation or are atheist. They just do. 

It’s wrong to generalize an entire group of people because you disagree with them. It’s hypocritical on my part, I understand, as I do it a lot. But at least I know I’m a shitty person and an asshole. I’m aware that not all Christians are ignorant bigoted southern hicks who ignore all science and demand that the bible be taught in school. I also know not all Muslims are terrorists (although I know some people who do think this way). It’s easier to just say one thing and never worry about who it will affect.



But. But. When you are willing to deny overwhelming facts… or absolute proof that your stance on an issue is wrong…. And you still say we are wrong. And pull out more lies in order to support your earlier claim (such as saying Al Qaeda doesn’t exist), then there is something wrong with you and I have full right to point this out to you. 

You can not say that a group of organized terrorists, who murdered thousands in our country, does not exist. I am sick of this conspiracy theory bullshit saying that 9/11 was an inside job. The people who spout this garbage are the same who say the government is incapable of running a country or are all incompetent liars incapable of performing their job. You can’t say in one instance they are absolutely evil coordinated monsters, and in the next claim the same people can’t even pick their own nose without fear of missing and poking their eye. You just want to be right. You just want everything you believe to be true, no matter what the majority say (Yes, I am aware of my irony). Just because a few people agree with your initial thought, doesn’t make it right. Just because someone claims to be a scientist, doesn’t mean their opinion or work is publishable. 

You’re inability to accept reality should not be something to be defended by others. I admit it when I am wrong. I’m willing to accept new facts into my life. Why can’t you do the same? Maybe I’m just angry because I was yelled at and the person was right. It shouldn’t let you change reality though. 

When people say that they are going to vote for coal, all I hear is, “I’m a shit head who can’t comprehend alternative energies.”

It’s great that you support current jobs and the people risking their lives to let you grill that sweet little bit of salmon outside on a nice summer evening. But wouldn’t it be better to know that those people are safer in alternative energy jobs? 

How great would it be… if we took those people who work in coal, and moved them to green energy, such as wind? We train them for positions taking care of the windmills. We train them to be able to build them, to be able to manage them. Those fuckers aren’t capable of self-sustainability. They do not just repair themselves. They need to be monitored, they need people, they are jobs.

What about solar? What about introducing these people to the production of panels? What about introducing them to the installation of Solar Farms? And once again, those need to be monitored. 

It’s understandable for someone to want to support something that happens in our own country, jobs that we know can be kept safe and ‘American.’ But we can have other positions that can be a part of the great American Dream. We can make our countries employees safer, have long term positions. Have their families know that they aren’t going to be buried a mile under the Earth… never to see their children, their husbands, their wives, ever again. 

I just don’t understand this idea of regression as opposed to progression. That’s all. 

That’s nice.

Good Evening.

A first post can be the most difficult one to write, on any topic. You’ll go through multiple drafts trying to find the right tone. Or perhaps distractions will be in every conceivable corner of your eyes. Either way, you’ll be looking for a way to escape. Why not see what you are writing as the escape? Escape from reality, view the world from someone else’s perspective. Imagine what it is like to be a butterfly on a tree. Now imagine that butterfly is on a tree, in a village in Darfur… watching atrocities with no way to interact or stop. Do you wonder if you are capable of interrupting the pain, or are you truly a butterfly and just flutter away? Don’t worry about it, you are human.

Which makes you more despicable than any other species on this planet.